This is the dividing wall between Israel and the West Bank/Palestine and Al Wahaa Jerusalem is located  very near the wall. On the other side of it lies the city which Chrissie's family helped establish in the early 1500’s as a Christian village. There are nearly 20,000 Palestinians who have American Passports and have returned to Ramallah to live. Ramallah has approximately 57,000 residents and is surrounded by many smaller towns that use it as a their primary source for commerce and governmental issues. Although many Americans are afraid to visit Ramallah, we have found that God loves this city and all her inhabitants. 

Because of the wall that divides us, Palestinian women cannot attend our Jerusalem Oasis; therefore, we have special events in Ramallah for them. Beginning last year, we began providing leadership training to women so that they will be able to minister to others in the future. 

                                     Ramallah from rooftop                                                                           Bringing the Easter message to those in institutions

                   Thanksgiving in Ramallah with help from a mission team from Houston, TX                               Giving the Good News to the elderly